Interview with Lavinia

If you were to start a new business right this minute…

If you were to start a new business right this minute, what would it be? Describe it.

Currently I own the Six Mile House with my husband. Women are not usually allowed to own a business but because my husband’s name is on everything as well, I get to be a business owner.

I enjoy cooking a lot, and putting on tea. I think if I did not have an inn, I would want to own a restaurant in downtown Charleston for all the rich folks with money to spend, the type where the wives go out to high tea with friends and spend their husbands money. The food here could be so much better if they would put some soul into it. People come to the peninsula and pay good money and the food is sub-par at best. People stop at Six Mile House on their way out of town all the time, and tell me my cooking is so much better than anything in Charleston.

Down at The Sugar House, that’s the correctional facility for errant slaves, the slaves run the treadmill for grinding corn. Sometimes they lose their limbs or even their lives running that thing. I hear the overseer will feed the contaminated grain to those inmates and the Old City Jail, but who is to say they don’t feed that all downtown in Charleston? I bet it’s cheap, so I wouldn’t serve it. I would have my husband John go to to Savannah and get the supplies from there. I would be better than what they make here!

Of course we also have tea here in Charleston. Some people say I use it to poison my guests and murder them, but that’s preposterous. I would never dream of doing such a thing, and how much tea would they need to drink!? Imagine saying something like that!

Anyway, I would love to have a house downtown where I could turn the whole thing into a restaurant and hold high tea like back in England. Don’t you think that would be just lovely?

-Lavinia Fisher (circa 1817)

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