Interview with Lavinia

Welcome to Lavinia’s blog!

This blog is about Lavinia Fisher and the legend she left behind when she was hung in 1820, at age 27. The charge was highway robbery, though many people believe she and her husband John were murderers.

While many people think she was America’s first serial killer, some believe she never killed anyone at all. Others believe she was a witch who still haunts Charleston, SC at night. Many claim to see her ghost around King Street.

As I write the historical fiction version of her story, I hope you will read along. Most of these blog entries will be from writing prompts I find, and answer as though Lavinia herself was being interviewed. The goal is to finish writing her story in the form of a book, to prove who she really was, and set Lavinia free.

I hope you enjoy the journey!

Tina Russo Kinney


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